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E-commerce Leader Plans Growth with @RISK – Netconomy

Abstract from http://www.palisade.com/cases/Netconomy – Netconomy Business Case

As the world continues to become ever more digital, companies from all industries need to have a strong digital commerce strategy. However, launching a digital commerce platform can be a complex undertaking, especially for established companies which have built their businesses on more traditional, paper-based processes that are better suited for ‘brick and mortar’ transactions.

Netconomy Software and Consulting started to use Palisade’s @RISK to integrate risk management within its budgeting and financial planning processes, providing the management team with full visibility of the risks associated with each element of its budget.

Palisade’s @RISK software provides Netconomy with transparency and understanding about the risks involved in planning, and therefore facilitates decision-making without guesswork. By running the simulations on a monthly basis, the company is able to identify issues such as capacity shortage/idle capacity, efficiency and the development of the contribution margin before they have a significant impact on the business, potentially saving millions of Euros every year.

The graph shows the development of the company’s rolling forecasts through Palisade @Risk.

See more at: http://www.palisade.com/cases/Netconomy

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