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Search Phase: Design and Test

Following our abstract http://www.equantica.net/2017/02/01, let’s talk about the first phase – just before you start testing.

To turn your idea into a business you need to iterate between designing and testing business models and value propositions until you find what will work. This is called the “search”.

It’s only when you concluded your search that you move to implementation.

  • The first phase of searching is Design: you prototype how you think your idea could be turned into a business through Business Model Canvases and Value Proposition Canvases.
  • The second phase is called Testyou aim to produce evidence that shows that customers want your value proposition and that you have found a business model that can scale and be profitable. 

The “Search” is not a linear undertaking that smoothly moves from Design to Test. Rather, it’s a constant back and forth between Designing and Testing.

If you skip the search phase or don’t pay enough attention to it, you risk scaling prematurely. You risk implementing a value proposition that nobody cares about embedded in a flawed business model.

See details at: http://blog.strategyzer.com – the Strategyzer Team’s blog.

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