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Eight tips for dealing with your competitors

Abstract from http://talentgarden.org italian version

In the start-up enviroment, the competition is a curios and very important topic that it’s better not to understimate.

Often, new companies do not invest enough time in the preliminary analysis of the market and, once initiated, they devote far too much energy worrying about possible competitors.

Here we analyze different aspects related to the competitors and how you can face your ‘rivals’:

  1. Analyze the market before launching the product;
  2. Remember that there are always competitors;
  3. Consider past and possible future competitors;
  4. Define what is your value added;
  5. Keep an eye on your competitor, ignore the “noise“;
  6. Consider that your idea could be stolen;
  7. Establish a relation with your competitors;
  8. Go on with your passion and your head!

No one except you know exactly what you think and what you are planning.

Your success depend on your ability to imagine the future and drag with you your company and your customers, the uniqueless of your product and your business management.

No competitor can be equal to you and your idea, simply because does not see the world as you see it.

More details at  http://talentgarden.org italian version


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