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Understand The Needs Wants and Fears of Your Customers

Abstract from http://beyondtheobvious.com/understand-the-needs-of-customers/

All your work, all your ideas, all your devotion and sacrifice mean nothing if you’re not confident of whom you are doing it for or why.

In order to succeed—whether you are developing a new product, service, or process—you must understand the needs, wants, and sometimes fears of the person you are targeting.

Why is this so hard to actually do? In a way it’s all about you, and your over-confidence in your expertise, experience, and education. These things define your perception of the world. Eventually you no longer realize that your broadest assumptions about the world come from the narrowest of perspectives—your own. You might be tempted to believe that you can know your customer without having actually done the legwork of going out and discovering just who they are.

However, it is dangerous to assume (perhaps because of demographics, or perhaps because you started your company for people just like you) that they share your values, dreams, and beliefs.

It’s crucially important to understand what people really value, and why they value it. I neither need nor want a $500 pair of shoes, or a $1,000 status bag, but millions of people consider them essential components of their lives.

Avoiding your bias on what you think your customers want!


More details at http://beyondtheobvious.com/understand-the-needs-of-customers/ by philmckinney


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