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Top 4 Questions To Answer Before Product Scaling

Abstract from https://blog.talentica.com/2016/08/04/top-4-questions-to-answer-before-product-scaling/

While most founders are quite confident in their product development capabilities, when it comes to scaling many of them are fundamentally unclear over how to go about it.  4 Answer Product Scaling!

Most people believe that scale is something they need to factor in, at the very beginning. Unfortunately, this leads most of them to fail.

Scaling is a continuous process that begins after you have stabilized your MVP or a major product enhancement, and goes on till you arrive at the next big milestone.

While every product and business situation has its own set of nuances, a few important considerations go a long way in efficiently scaling your product.

  1. When to scale: Premature scaling not only refers to scaling during the MVP stage, but also to scaling attempts during a major release or feature rollout. You need to align your Product Scaling with your business forecast. So do forecast your business and then plan for Scaling your product accordingly.
  2. What to scale: Prioritization, is the key to successfully scaling your product and if you go with the flow, this shouldn’t be a tall order.
  3. How to scale:  optimize your costs and efforts with the right approach. Some key parameters that help you choose the right approach include time involved and interdependencies, costs and efforts involved, optimization and availability.
  4. How much to scale: As a generic formula, if X is the volume you are currently at. 10X is a good scale capacity to be at during the early stages, since growth in volumes is erratic. Towards business maturity a 3X scale capacity is ideal, as growth in volumes is relatively stable trajectory. In the event of a major enhancement, it is ideal to switch back to around 10X scale capacity as volumes might spike erratically and being unprepared would mean certain doom.

More details at – https://blog.talentica.com/2016/08/04/top-4-questions-to-answer-before-product-scaling/

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