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Introducing the Integrated Narratives for Business Intelligence API: Revolutionizing Next Gen BI

Abstract from http://resources.narrativescience.com/h/i/

Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics companies spend significant resources getting a broad set of users to adopt their platforms. To fuel growth, these companies focus on delighting their users with innovative offerings that make it even easier and quicker for anyone to gain insight into their businesses. Introducing Integrated Narrative Business Intelligence API

But data literacy doesn’t come overnight and, in addition, experts spend a significant amount of time analyzing massive amounts of data and creating reports for senior management, other team members, and customers, leaving less time to conduct value-add analysis.

Narrative Science set out to solve this problem – to make valuable information locked in charts, graphs, and data easily accessible to anyone, anywhere. they’re thrilled to announce the public launch of our Narratives for Business Intelligence API.

Now, any BI & Analytics company can quickly and easily integrate advanced natural language generation (NLG) into its platform. This revolutionary technology, which is powered by artificial intelligence, automatically transforms charts, graphs, and data into dynamic, Intelligent Narratives.



The BI and NLG duo presents endless possibilities for companies to innovate and they can leverage the API to:

  • Broaden adoption of business intelligence
  • Enhance smart data discovery capabilities
  • Strengthen the mobile experience
  • Power conversations

In the original article posted by Narrative Science you can see more details about the functions and an explanatory video that show the powerful of the product.


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