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Filter Bubble – What is it?

What is it?

‘’ The Filter bubble is your own personalunique universe of information that you live in online. And what’s in your filter bubble depends on who you are, and it depends on what you do. But the thing is that you don’t decide what gets in. And more importantly, you don’t actuallu see what gets edited out. ‘’  Filter Bubble difinition pros cons

The definition above is given by Eli Pariser, in his important speech Beware online “filter bubble” : this talk was presented at an official TED conference, you can see the original talk in their website https://www.ted.com/.

Briefly, Filter Bubble is a condition in which an internet user finds himself where the contents are not a mirror of reality, but it’s created by someone based on my interest and my behaviour on the web. It’s not a voluntary process emitted by Facebook or Google, but from someone that stay behind these giants.

The bubble, that is different and personalized for every people, makes me feel as if everyone thought like me. It’s a byproduct of customization that all operate on us.

Pros and Cons

The main characteristics of the bubble are explain in the picture:


At the left of that we have the only one positive aspect: having the informations that we needed in our page or facebook’s wall allow us to simplify our research.

In the center I put a feature that can be considered either positive or negative: infact narrow our results could be interpreted as save time but also limited our solutions, results, friends and so on.

At the right we have the problems of the bubble:

  1. Most of the time we are in a bubble unconsciously ;
  2. Obviously, we don’t know the algorithm that generate the bubble:  we can suppose that the creation is based on our preferences, our like on Facebook, our chronology…
  3. As a consequence it’s difficult to get out.

How to get out?

We could:

  • Delete cookies;
  • Disable tracking cookies;
  • Keep you Facebook data private and hide your birthday;
  • Go incognito or anonymous;
  • Turn off targeted ads;
  • Get rid of your search history.

In general:

  • Google/FB should give us more control on filters we can select;
  • Self correcting issue.

You live in a bubble, and probably do not even know. I do not know because you have no way of knowing, I do not know why it is only visible in the results.”

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