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Why We Optimize for Happiness

Abstract from https://www.startups.co/articles

Being happy is hard. But it’s really the only goal worth fighting for.. It’s important spending time in optimizing for happiness.Optimize happiness business strategy startup

Startup.co based their work into this process because they want to value personal happiness above all else.

Some examples of what they care about are:

  • They don’t want to work with people they don’t like. They instituted a ‘zero asshole’ rule.  It doesn’t matter if they literally show up for work with barrels of gold.
  • They don’t want to take away from their families.  They created and implemented policies like having the whole company work from home on Wednesdays.  They see our families.
  • They don’t want to answer to someone else.  They avoided raising venture capital because they simply didn’t want to answer to anyone else. They made lots of personal sacrifices to avoid debt.


Sticking to what you care about requires a truckload of sacrifice.

In almost every case it’s the harder path.  Working with people you don’t like is much easier than trying to fire and replace them.  Taking time away from your family is easy to justify when you need to pay bills.

Yet every one of those “easy” decisions stacks up toward a path that diverges from your convictions. But seriously, if you really want to optimize for happiness  what you’re really saying is “I am willing to sacrifice as much as possible to keep my happiness intact.”  Happiness and sacrifice may sound contradictory, but just like lifting heavy weights is a painful way to get healthy, sacrificing to achieve happiness is the same.


Your ability to optimize for happiness is directly proportionate to the financial viability of your company.

Simply more profit = more freedom.

they’ve always looked at being profitable not as some symbol of success but more as mechanism to stick to our goals.

Last but not least concept:  BE REAL ABOUT WHAT REALLY MATTERS!

More details at – https://www.startups.co/articles

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