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This Is How Your Business Will Be Disrupted

Abstract from http://www.digitaltonto.com/2017/this-is-how-your-business-will-be-disrupted/?ct=t%28How_Your_Business_Will_Be_Disrupted5_14_2017%29 The principles of running a business seem fairly straightforward. You create clear objectives, achieve them efficiently and try to get better as you go. The problem comes when you find yourself running a square-peg business in a round-hole…

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The business innovation challenge

Abstract from http://realbusiness.co.uk/tech-and-innovation/2017/03/22/business-innovation-challenge-case-perspiration-vs-inspiration/ When you’re running a business it’s important to be open to new ideas, whether they come from your own sector or elsewhere. An interview with Linus Torvalds, the founder of the free, open-source Linux operating system said that…

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How To Use Probability To Your Advantage

Abstract from https://medium.com/the-mission/the-startup-idea-matrix-182bf2e6a53a#.2bn4b7pju and https://www.startups.co/articles/how-to-use-probability-to-your-advantage In his article based on the startup idea matrix, Eric Stromberg admits that this matrix isn’t exhaustive, but it gives you a general sense of which consumer markets (shopping, media, and finance in this case) are the most crowded…

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