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Why We Optimize for Happiness

Abstract from https://www.startups.co/articles Being happy is hard. But it's really the only goal worth fighting for.. It's important spending time in optimizing for happiness.Optimize happiness business strategy startup Startup.co based their work into this process because they want to value personal happiness above all else. Some…

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Early Adopter or Anti-Segment?

Abstract from https://medium.com/@davidjbland/early-adopter-or-anti-segment-ad40e274561#.nmz60jxmm If you are a startup or corporation, trying to market your new product to a large institution (i.e. enterprise or government), then you may end up confusing your Early Adopters with an Anti-Segment. So You must understand the…

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Five Steps To Optimising Marketing Mix Strategies

Abstract from http://www.nielsen.com/in/en/insights/reports/2017/five-steps-to-optimising-marketing-mix-strategies.html   Marketers need ingenious ways to reach and increase brand appeal, and find their way into consumers’ shopping carts.good steps Brands are finding themselves increasingly challenged to capture consumer mind share. Marketing mix modelling (MMM) helps brands achieve their…

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